We’re mother and daughters who love all things Home + Body + Social.  Let’s be honest, all of life pretty much fits broadly into one of these three……

We live in 3 separate cities in 3 separate houses with 3 separate styles.  We don’t take for granted our relationship or our journey up to and including today.  Life is real and beauty is in the spaces in between.  We’ll share our favorite things – to decorate with, eat, drink, wear, read, watch (you get the idea) along with the “real” of our past, present and future.

Julie was a finance/economics grad dreaming of Wall Street who decided her passion was actually raising daughters and designing and decorating houses.  Best known for her love of Halloween, with an emphasis on skulls and candy corn.  House style = craftsman exterior + vintage modern interior.

Chesna is the daughter that started Julie’s love affair with daughters.  A Razorback that’s been married 7 years, she lived a stint in Boston and landed in OKC.  Best known for her love of dogs, her childhood mantra was: dogs rule so get used to it.  A premise she stands by to this day.  House style = original Tudor, circa 1937, meets Pendleton.

Calli is the founder of this blog.  A professional in the oil and gas industry by day and amateur photographer by night and weekends.  Best known for Maxwell, her enormous black purry live-in, she can sniff out cozy a mile away, in housewares and in people. House style = original arts & crafts, circa 1929, meets shiplap-bohemian.

Bonus (in every way):  Avery – our resident teenager.  She’s taller than all of us and off doing her junior high thing, but she’ll contribute from time to time in hopes of providing insight into the alternate universe.

Thanks for joining our Carpe Diem.  We’re glad you’re here.

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