Gal and I love fresh pasta, I could legitimately eat it everyday, and when we don’t feel like cleaning up the mess of making our own noodles with the Phillips Pasta Maker, we seek it elsewhere.

As a side (but very important) note, if you haven’t yet been introduced to the delectable world of fresh pasta, consider yourself warned. While I do still eat dried pasta because fresh isn’t always an option, once I knew what fresh tasted like, dried pasta didn’t taste the same.

We’re recurring customers of Carbone’s for just this reason. Not only do they make their pasta in house, they also operate as a little market where you can buy deli products, premade meals, sauces and dry goods like olive oil.

Their menu is simple but the combination of in house products and artisan sourced ingredients elevates the food and gives the restaurant a well deserved 4.6 stars on Google reviews.

The Spaghetti Plum Tomato Sauce is a favorite of ours. Classic spaghetti with the perfect balance of an acidic and sweet tomato sauce is as comforting as it is gratifying.

This would be a great spot for a low-key, romantic Valentine’s date night, but you’ll probably eventually be like us and go at 2 PM on a Friday simply because you’re craving it.

And if you don’t make it for Valentine’s Day, and Fridays at 2 PM are blocked off, you can ward off the Sunday scaries every week by trying their rotating Sunday Specials.

That’s amore!

This is not a sponsored post.

Carbone’s Fine Food and Wine

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