The Man


Shame and inferiority

Have always been engrained in me


Until recently I had a greater empathy for men

Than myself and other women


Throughout history women’s voice is scant

In religious texts she’s almost completely absent


When she does appear her role is partisan,

Not awarded the same complexities given to men


How can we be empathetic toward someone we don’t know?

As a society we’re robbed of an education on femininity and double x chromosomes


Females are objectified and controlled by those whose seeds they sow

Bearing children is a gift and burden that, though he might try,

Man will never entirely know


In a world where child brides are tradition

And women earn less than men

It’s no wonder I was sexist toward my own self and other females


I received the subtle yet persistent message throughout my entire life that I should value men’s lives more than mine


I value and respect men

And I want to be awarded the same value and respect inherently given to them


Since accumulating wealth and power is typical, expected even, of a man

I am compared to men

Why am I not compared to other successful women?


There’s no place in our society for females as they are meant to or as they can be

We are bound by the expectations placed on us by a patriarchal society

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